Man you make very good pedals. I’m playing mine everyday!!! Wondering what to get next from you....

- I.D (Miraj)

An awesome pedal from an awesome pedal maker

- M.G (Sun?No)

Builds a beautifully simple pedal that does exactly what it says on the tin. I have low gain overdrive on one channel and distortion on the other, simple and effective. Many thanks.

- I. W (Landscraper)

Nails the LoFi tape sound and dragged me into early Radiohead territory. Great work!

- C.J (RecHead)

Quick international shipping! Awesome pedal. Keep supporting independent builders!

- Jeremy N (Landscraper)

Jesus, the amount of volume in this box is INSANE. Can easily match the EQD Acupulco Gold for volume, gain and tone. And then some.

- S. Hodgskin (Sun?No.)

Really like this pedal. Good fun and easy to use and well made. It has a really hypnotic tone and feel to it. It is very reminiscent of old tape echo units.

- M Phillips (Tapescape)