Miraj release

Miraj phase shifter release date 28/03/22


3/11/20221 min read

It is with very great pleasure that I announce, the release of our first modulation pedal. The Miraj vibe shifter.

This has been a long time in the making and has been through a few itterations, some with more control, some with less. Some in bigger boxes, some smaller. This feels just right.

The Miraj will be available from 28/03/22.

The Miraj is, at it's heart, a four stage phase shifter. It utilises an all analog signal path and the same optical, led/ldr mechanism as the fabled Univibe which provides an wonderfully analog interface to the digitally controlled LFO. Long story short... you will find all those classic phase shifter tones in here as well as a heap you never knew existed. The drivable input gives some lovely germanium warmth to proceedings, like pushing an old Leslie cab to it's happy place!

Really can't wait to get this out and about. Into rehearsal rooms and onto records. Or just into headphones!

Not long now.