First blog post

Big month ahead!


3/11/20221 min read

Well... Here we are. I thought this might be a good way to keep tabs on what's going on and coming up. For me personally as much as anyone else!

March has some pretty high hopes resting on it's shoulders. We have two brand new pedals being released into the wild. The Sun?No preamp and Miraj vibey/phase shifter. Really excited about those as they have been in development for quite a while!

The Sun?No is coming out on 21/03...

The Sun?No is a preamp inspired by the band Sunno and the infamous Sunn Model T amplifiers. We have taken notes from both vintage and reissue models, as they are quite different, and have come up with something we feel really captures the essence of that tone. In a word, massive!

Even if you aren't aware of the Model T amplifier or the band Sunno, the Sun?No is by no means a one trick pony and is a versatile gain stage in it's own right. Using a combination of opamp and cascading jfet gain stages it has an incredibly amp like feel, responding exceptionally to picking dynamics and the guitar's volume control. The single tone control offers a sweep of bass forward to treble forward sounds and, when centered, has a slight notch in the low mids, as the amps eq section is noted for. We're really happy with how this has turned out and hope you will be too.

Anyway bye for now and remember, it's going live 21/03, hope to see you there!